Online Resources

The links below provide some fun games to help you practice English skills. These will help you review for tests and exams, as well as improve your writing. If you find any dead links or have any suggestions for addition, please e-mail Mr. Frawley.

Compound/Complex Battleship: This game helps you distinguish between compound and complex sentences. (

Rags to Riches: This game offers practice with simple, compound, and complex sentences. (

Who vs. Whom: These ten questions can help you determine which pronoun is appropriate. (

Pronoun Quiz: These 20 questions help you determine which is the appropriate pronoun. It is not always going to be the one that "sounds" correct. Our dialect has strayed from proper grammar. (

Preposition Jeopardy!: In each category, you must identify the preposition, prepositional phrase, or object of the preposition. There is also a category where you must determine if the word is an adverb or a preposition. (

Fling Your Teacher: If you answer enough questions about prepositions and prepositional phrases correctly, you can fling your teacher with a catapult! (

This quiz helps you determine if prepositional phrases are adjective or adverb phrases. (

Want some extra help with adjective and adverb phrases? Try these ones! ADV: ( ADJ: (

Literary Terms: These two quizzes can help you study literary terms and prep for the PSSA.